Slovakia Kings '09 Try-out

675.00 Kč
20. 9. 2020 - Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovensko
Open Try-Out

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Tryout Slovakia Kings 09 ’organised by Sports Connect, which is known for the successful operation of the Czech Knights team in the world. Tryout is focused on building a Slovakia Kings 09’ team, which will prepare for World Selects Invitational tournaments organised by Legacy Global Sports.

The purpose of this program is long-term above-standard development of talented and hardworking young hockey players, helping them reach their full potential and accomplish their goals on-and-off the ice. We assemble an outstanding group of athletes from across the country. We also strive to introduce our players to different cultures, enhance their social skills, leadership qualities, help them build long-lasting friendships, and provide them with the opportunity to travel to international events.

The founder of the project is Petr Jonak along with Sports Connect. Recognised and experienced coaches, motivational counsellors, lifestyle experts, specialists in general sports training, physiotherapists and masseurs are involved in the training. Sports Connect offers not only quality coaching, but always tries to provide other development activities, facilities and service for players and complete organisation of all events. We try to create above-standard conditions for players and their parents.


Become a part of the Pee-Wee 2018, 2020 and WSI 2010, 2015, 2018 winners family.


Open Try-Out Schedule

Check-In: 9:00

On-Ice Practice: 10:00-11:00

Scrimmage: 12:30-14:00