All-Star Showcase Series

11. 6 - 13. 6. 2021
2006 2007 2008 2009

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This invite-only event will take place June 4th - 6th, 2021

During this highly prestigious and exclusive event, only the best players in their respective age groups are eligible. Each team will be made up of 13 skaters and 1 goalie.  This concentration of talent allows those selected to see where they stand next to the very best of their peers and what it takes to play against the top talent at their age and skill level.

 This competition will resemble the format of the NHL All-Star weekend and will feature the following: 

  • Professional style jerseys
  • In-game statistics
  • Player Interviews
  • All-Star trophy
  • MVP for each game and tournament

Success entails knowing your competition and envisioning yourself playing at the highest level possible. The All-Star Showcase provides both, providing lasting motivation throughout the participating players' careers.

If you are a top-prospect and looking for the ultimate competitive hockey experience don’t miss this opportunity.


All-Star Showcase Schedule:

All-Star Showcase 2009 - 4.-5.6.21

All-Star Showcase 2008 - 5.-6.6.21

All-Star Showcase 2007 - 4.-5.6.21

All-Star Showcase 2006 - 5.-6.6.21