Development Teams

The purpose of this program is long-term above-standard development of talented and hardworking young hockey players, helping them reach their full potential and accomplish their goals on-and-off the ice. We assemble an outstanding group of athletes from across the country. We also strive to introduce our players to different cultures, enhance their social skills, leadership qualities, help them build long-lasting friendships, and provide them with the opportunity to travel to international events. The main international events are WSI tournaments organized by LEGACY GLOBAL SPORT and the PEE-WEE QUEBEC.


Program Core Values:

  • Fair play and sporting values, including the development of respect for all people and participants.
  • Development of dignity, self-esteem, honesty and integrity.
  • Supporting teamwork and the belief that what groups and society can achieve as a whole, is greater than what individuals can achieve.
  • Pride of tradition and successful representation around the world.
  • The value of hard work, commitment, pursuit of excellence and success in all activities.

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