About us

Sports Connect is a full-service sports company that sees the big picture for athletes at all levels. Our outstanding track record of developing hockey players is matched by our expertise and uniquely powerful resources in the hockey world.

We are take pride in building life-long relationships to stay closely connected with all of our players and their families. Our goal is to understand our player’s individual ambitions both on-and-off the ice to develop the best strategies to achieve their dreams. At Sports Connect, we are positioned to provide our clients with meaningful connections and opportunities beyond traditional sports companies.

Mission Statement

Sports Connect's mission is to use the platform of ice hockey to exemplify excellence and leadership beyond the game.

Vision Statement

The vision of Sports Connect is to develop future leaders who positively impact our world. Our organization believes that when we align the passion of a person, with a positive mentor, that it creates an equation for impact. The goal is to create another wave of world-class hockey players, with leadership qualities on-and-off the ice.

Our team

Our team consists of people who have dedicated the majority of their lives to hockey. Our team is ready to support you in hard work and determination and to enable you to achieve personal life and hockey goals in your career.

Petr Jonak CEO

Petr Jonak

Adam Jonak General Manager

Adam Jonak

Anatoliy Buliga Head Skill Coach

Anatoliy Buliga

Miroslav Sajler Off-ice Specialist

Miroslav Sajler

Pavel Sajler Off-ice Specialist

Pavel Sajler

Krystina Stechova Event Manager

Kristyna Stechova

Eva Rouckova Financial Manager

Eva Rouckova

Tomas Mensik Company Lawyer

Tomas Mensik

MUDr. Michal Kravec Doctor

MUDr. Michal Kravec

Ing. Tomáš Brožek Vigilance specialist

Ing. Tomáš Brožek

Petr Fryba Photographer

Petr Fryba

Terry Christensen
David Moravec
Zdenek Sedlak
Tomáš Chludil
Jiri Maxa
Jaroslav Lucan
Zdenek Novak
Libor Danek
Martin Sojka
Branko Radiovijevic
Stano Fatyka
David Kaluzik
Lukas Pravda
Jan Trefny
Patrik Rozsival

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